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Business Treasury Services

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Streamline your business’s daily cash management, save time, reduce cost and improve cash flow with First Reliance Bank’s Treasury Services tools.

Payment Solutions


Deposit funds faster with Automated Clearing House (ACH) services.  This service allows you to electronically deposit funds to your employee and customer accounts in a safe and convenient way. Learn more:   Small Business ACH Frequently Asked Questions.

Benefits of ACH Direct Deposit:

  • Accommodates one-time and recurring deposits for payroll, reimbursements, tax and other refunds, annuities and interest payments
  • Eliminates the cost of generating checks, mail and postage
  • Expedites availability of funds deposited for your customers

Cost is $15 per month


Wire transfers are one of the quickest ways for your business to move funds conveniently and securely.  With domestic wire transfers you have the ability to provide the beneficiary with same day available funds.  Plus, you can check the status of your wire online or receive automatic email or fax notifications containing the detail of your transaction.


  • One of the quickest ways for your business to move funds conveniently and securely
  • Check the status of your wire online and receive notifications

Wires are $10 per month and $10 per domestic wire and $50 per international wire.

Credit Cards

First Reliance Bank is proud to offer a local credit card which gives your business global purchasing power.  The First Reliance Bank Platinum Collection from MasterCard® offers you a credit card designed to complement the way you do business provided by the community bank you trust.  Apply Now!

Receivable Management Solutions

Remote Deposit Capture

An innovative service that makes “self-service” deposits a reality, allowing you and your employees to deposit incoming checks into your First Reliance Bank business checking account remotely, without ever leaving the office, regardless of where you are located and your deposit is made faster increasing your cash flow.


  • Deposit checks from anywhere
  • Deposits are made faster

Cost is $40 per month and the scanner fee is waived. There is a charge of $250 if the scanner is not returned.

Mobile Remote Deposits

Remote Mobile Banking allows you to deposit checks to your business account from your phone.  Perfect for small businesses who don’t have a high volume of check deposits.


  • Business customers can deposit up to 10 items for a combined daily total of $1,500
  • Business customer monthly deposit limit is 50 checks for a combined total of $5,000

No monthly fee.

Merchant Services

Merchant ServicesFirst Reliance Bank Payment Options provides a way for you to accept all major credit cards at the point of sale or through your business website or over the phone.

With a merchant solution, you can expand your customer payment options to ensure you never lose another sale.  From credit and debit card processing to check services and gift cards, you can enable your customers to pay via their preferred method. Next day funding for credit and debit card sales is available, and there is a gift card solution that will help you generate new business and keep loyal customers coming back.

Merchant Service Benefits:

  • Next day access to funding
  • Virtual terminals eliminate the need to purchase or rent hardware
  • Online transaction reporting
  • Unparalleled 24/7 customer service and help desk
  • Highly competitive pricing


resubmititWe know how important it is for you to collect your hard-earned money in a timely manner. That is why we are excited to provide you with Re$ubmitIt, an electronic check recovery service that is free to you. Your business account is enrolled automatically in the Re$ubmitIt service, where you receive 100% of the face value of all checks collected electronically, as well as minimize the burden of your check collections.


  • Minimizes the burden of check collections
  • Receive 100% of the face value of all checks collected electronically

No cost for ReSubmitIt.

Liquidity Management Solutions

Sweep services

Business Sweep Accounts are designed for business accounts to maximize earning potential and reduce interest expense. Tailored to your business needs, our sweep accounts will automatically sweep excess funds to earn interest or pay down debt. If your end-of-day checking account balance exceeds your target balance, funds will automatically sweep out into an interest bearing account or sweep to pay down your line of credit.


  • Maximizes earning potential and reduce interest expense
  • Automatically sweep excess funds to earn interest or pay down debt
  • Funds automatically sweep out into an interest bearing account or sweep to pay down your line of credit if your end-of-day balance exceeds your target

Zero Balance Account

Open a Zero Balance Account and consolidate all of your company’s funds into one centralized account. Many businesses have a general operating checking account, as well as separate accounts for payroll, petty cash, and other purposes. We know trying to keep track of all these accounts takes valuable time away from your business. A Zero Balance Account helps you alleviate having money in too many different locations, allowing you to earn the maximum interest on your money, easing your workload and eliminating mistakes.


  • Maximizes funds available, as excess funds in the central operating account can be transferred to increase returns and maintain liquidity.
  • Minimizes the risk of overdraft fees.
  • Eases the payment of outstanding loan balances, as they can all be paid from one centralized account.

Cost of $5 per month.

Account Reconciliation

Account Reconciliation services offer businesses that issue a high volume of checks a more efficient way to account for and reconcile bank statements and other monthly transactions. It improves accounting and reconciliation accuracy for better audit control. Reports are generated from a file of issued checks, total dollar amount, and total number of checks issued for the period provided by your company. It also interfaces with your company’s automated check register or reconciliation software.

Cost of $5 per month.

Repurchase Agreements

Repurchase Agreements are designed for government-affiliated agencies that require collateralization of funds. The program allows you to earn interest on your excess funds in your business checking account until those funds are needed, with no minimum investment requirement.

Risk Management

Positive Pay

This service is used to identify fraudulent checks and presenters. The bank matches a check against a list the issuer creates of serial numbers and amounts. The issuer is alerted to any mismatches before the bank issues funds.


  • Identifies fraudulent checks and presenters
  • Issuer is alerted to mismatches before issuing funds

Cost of $40 per month.

Expense Management

Account Analysis

This service is for businesses dealing with higher transaction volumes, substantial balances or multiple checking accounts. The account accrues earnings credit on balances that can be used to offset most or all account fees.

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