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First Reliance Bank Business Savings Account

You’ve worked hard for your money, now make your money work hard for you!

We offer several different types of accounts for you to watch your money grow including investments through our business partner, Hilliard Lyons*. Choose a business savings solution that works best for your business.

Whether you’ve got one employee or 40, we have a business checking account to fit your needs. Compare First Reliance Business Checking Accounts to find the best one for your business.

Business Savings

Keep your money safe in an FDIC insured business savings account.

Business Money Market Account

Earn a higher rate of interest and easy access to cash in a money market savings account. Money market accounts have different balance tiers so the higher your balance the more you earn interest.

CD’s or IRA CD’s

Earn a competitive rate of interest over a set period of time with a certificate of deposit with terms from 6 months to 5 years on IRA CD’s or 7 days to 5 years on regular CD’s.

Investment Services

For long term savings and investments we’ve partnered with an outside company who are experts at helping you reach your long-term business investment goals as well as personal goals.

*Hilliard Lyons is not affiliated with First Reliance Bank and First Reliance is not a seller of and assumes no responsibility for, Hilliard Lyons or its products or services.

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