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Creating The Incredible

First Reliance Bank has always been serious about delivering a better experience in every interaction that we have with our customers. It’s all about what matters most to you – and demonstrating that in every way we can. Making the lives of our customers better is what makes us a better bank. Because there’s more to banking than money.

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Reuben Hewitt Florence Market Manager smiling Letter From A Customer about an act of kindness from  Florence Branch Manager, Reuben Hewitt:

“I used the First Reliance ATM to withdraw $500.  I drove away thinking it didn’t work and that my money didn’t come out.  When I got home, I looked up my account online and realized the withdrawal     really did happen.  I was panicked.  Just then the phone rang and it was Reuben Hewitt, the Manager of the Florence Market  branches.  Reuben came through the line after me and found the $500, looked my name up on the account and called me.  I met him back at the bank and he gave me my money.  You can’t imagine how relieved I was!  Without him being behind me in that line, someone would have gone off with that money.

Thanks again for your wonderful employees like Reuben and great customer service!”

Peggy Fleiner