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Paying It Forward

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We asked our customers if someone were to give them  $100 to give back to the community or a person in need, where would they give it?  Below are some of their stories of what they did with $100 given to 30 customers to give back.  $100 can make a difference throughout the community!

Day 11 of #FRBGivesBack – Paying It Forward at the Boys & Girls Clubs.

Day 10 of #FRBGivesBack -surprising a new customer with Paying It Forward!

Day 9 of #FRBGivesBack – Paying It Forward at the Florence Area Humane Society.

Day 8 of #FRBGivesBack – Helping a customer and his church provide Christmas to children in need!

DAY 7 of #FRBGivesBack – Helping a customer help someone in need.

DAY 6 of #FRBGivesBack – Our Charleston and Mount Pleasant branches Pay It Forward – Part One

DAY 5 of #FRBGivesBack – A surprised teacher and gifts for children in foster care! What could be BETTER?

DAY 4 of #FRBGivesBack