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Living Our Values

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Why is culture so important? A company driven by a purpose is unique. When people come together and align their passions with a purpose, they are no longer  just going to work, to complete daily tasks or collect a paycheck , they are fulfilling and internal desire to truly make a difference. People feel they are part of something much bigger than themselves. They look at co-workers as a family that works, Lives laughs and celebrates together.

Our culture is very important to the bank and it is often referred to as the DNA of our company. Culture is a reflection of how people act and the company’s brand. Our culture is simply the result of our associates living our core values and delivering the heart of who we are “To Make the Lives of Our Customers Better “.

We believe all associates must share these same values in order to be a great fit for our company.

As associates join the First Reliance Bank team, we meet with them to discuss our values and culture, and what we do to deliver on our Customer Value Promise on an ongoing basis. Each associate receives an Our Culture book and Brand Guide as these reflect our guiding principles.

We actively engage our leadership team to conduct weekly sessions focused on living our values, celebrating success and openly expressing our gratitude.  We also  have a weekly communication from the Chief Culture Officer reinforcing our values.

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Victory Tuesday – Leaders will briefly discuss the Culture Matter theme of the week and ask Associates to share “A success you have had at work”.



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Thankful Thursday – leaders will briefly discuss the Culture Matters theme of the week and ask Associates to share “What are you are thankful for with respect to working at FRB” .

Peer To Peer

Recognizing each other for a job well done promotes living our values. The Peer To Peer program allows associates to recognize anyone within the Bank. Their manager acknowledges them with a reward at an Excellence Everyday meeting and shares why the associate was recognized. This is a quick and easy way to reward and recognize each other, and it’s a fun surprise to receive recognition from a co-worker.

Quarterly Leadership Meetings

The leadership team meets to discuss industry trends and the bank’s performance to goals. The meeting is used for cross-organizational updates, to learn new things, and to receive input from leaders on specific subjects.

President’s Open Door Policy

Our President has an open door policy in which he invites associates to meet with him to discuss ideas or to inquire about more information that they cannot get from other areas of the bank. First Reliance cares about each associate, and sometimes a good discussion can clear things up or generate new ideas that support the bank’s purpose.


We want to hear from our associates! Associates provide us with feedback throughout the year through important surveys. Strengths and weaknesses are reviewed to identify what’s working well and what areas we need to address and change.

Associate Recognition Awards

Associates have the opportunity to be nominated by their peers annually for a President’s Award.  Managers review top candidates and 12 candidates receive the award annually in addition to additional time off, stock awards, gifts, award trophy, and a special recognition dinner hosted by the CEO.

Message From The President

The bank provides updates to its board members and business development board members. The regular email communications provide updates regarding bank initiatives, the bank’s goals and strategies, and provides valuable information to board members so they are better informed.

“Ask Rick”

Associates are encouraged to use the “Ask Rick” communication channel to provide suggestions on how we can improve communication and exceed our customer’s expectations. This supports our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

Associate Emergency Fund

This is  a benefit available through funds donated by the Bank and fellow associates who work at First Reliance Bank.  The Fund is available to assist associates who have a crisis or emergency situation such as an accident, house fire, medical situation, natural disaster, family difficultly.  The Fund is designed to assist with basic needs such a food, shelter (rent/mortgage), medical bills, basic utilities and financial assistance etc.  We contribute to our community by first helping out our associates and making their life Better!


Associates are encouraged to volunteer in the community for causes they feel passionate about.  They can use some of their work time to attend functions they are involved in for the betterment of our communities.  There is a monthly recognition program for associates who volunteer and a Volunteer Of The Year Award for the associate who contributed the most volunteer hours in which they get to choose the charity or charities they want a combined total of $1,000 be donated to in their name.