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First Reliance Bank

First Reliance Bank Logo

The First Reliance name was chosen to reflect the idea that our bank is one our customers can truly rely on. This is especially important, because it sets us apart from the many major banks who grow too large, and lose the ability to provide exceptional service and personal relationships with their customers.

First Reliance Logo Arc Graphic

The three arcs of our logo embody the three key attributes of customer service:

  • accuracy
  • responsiveness
  • courtesy

Accuracy is depicted as the top arc because it represents one of the most important components of the business of banking.

Responsiveness is the next most important arc because our excellent customer service is one of the key ways we differentiate ourselves from other banks.

The third arc represents Courtesy because courtesy is a key expression of our brand and is an essential element in making our customers’ lives better.

Logo Usage

The following logo and information is provided for the use and convenience of our non-profit organization and other approved community partners who have permission to reproduce the First Reliance logo in organizational communications and media. Download the First Reliance Bank Logo (low-res jpg file).

Please note that the position, size, and color, along with the spatial and proportional relationships of the First Reliance signature elements are predetermined, and should not be altered. The minimum reproduction size of the First Reliance signature is 7/8 inch (0.875) in width. However, when space limitations dictate the use of a reproduction size that is smaller than the recommended minimum, contact Customer Care Call Center at 888.543.5510 for approval of those special applications. Observance of the reproduction size requirements of the signature are necessary to avoid poor quality or distortion. The Registered trademark symbol (®) is a legal component of the First Reliance signature and must always be present as well. Special consideration should be taken with respect to the sizing of the trademark symbol (®): when resizing the signature, please consider the context and use your best judgment to determine the appropriate size of the trademark symbol (®).