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Pam Anderson
Chief Culture Officer




As Chief Culture Officer, Mrs. Anderson is responsible for the development and implementation of human capital and operational strategies to develop a highly engaged, customer focused and results driven team. She is also responsible to implement customer loyalty strategies that build long term franchise value. As a member of the executive team she provides advice and counsel with respect to strategic planning and the critical management of scare resources. She works with associates throughout the company to maintain and enhance First Reliance Bank culture. She manages marketing, customer and event management, human resources, and corporate communications. These teams combined are integral to delivering an exceptional customer experience as well as, providing associates with an incredible work experience.


Mrs. Anderson has over 15 years experience in the US retail banking industry. Prior to her role with First Reliance, she worked previously with the Royal Bank of Canada, a premier global financial services company.


Previous community involvement included member of the Human Resource Committee of the South Carolina Bankers Association, membership on the Conference Board of Canada’s Business and Education Forum on Science, Technology, and Mathematics. Board member of Governors for Lakehead University, Canada. Board member of Not for Profit organizations; Actua, Canada, and Futures for Kids, North Carolina, CCSC Ladies Golf Association. SHRM member.

Published Articles

Chief Culture Officers Fill A Growing Need,

What prepared her for the role

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When I joined the bank as head of HR in 2006, the company was focused on differentiating itself by providing customers with an incredible experience.   This was the major reason I joined a small community bank after 25 years with a global one.  I had always believed that professional areas such as marketing, sales effectiveness, HR, operations and IT operated best when managed as an integrated team versus in vertical silos.

Impetus for creating the position

Our CEO believes that a strong culture is the basis for a sustainable company.  Sometimes it is difficult to explain my role to people who are used to seeing a traditional chief operating officer title.  Recently, I came across a book called Managing the Customer Experience (Pearson FT Press, 2002).  It describes “Triad Power,” which refers to the alignment of marketing, operations and HR.   That defines my role at our bank perfectly.

How she works with HR

We have developed strong HR practices to create a great experience for our associates.  It is critical that every associate understand our strategic direction and goals.  HR plays an active role in onboarding associates and also conducts culture interviews, which help us determine an individual’s fit with the company.

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