Call 888-543-5510
First Reliance Bank

How to Report Fraud

Contact us immediately using the following numbers if you think  one of your First Reliance Bank accounts or services has been compromised.  Please have your account information and details about the suspected fraud available when you call.

Lost or stolen debit card, ATM card, or checks

During normal business hours (8am -8pm) call 1-888-543-5510  or after hours or on weekends you can call the bank by phone 1-888-543-5502 to report a lost or stolen debit card but you must know your account number or debit card number.

Note:  You can also request a Stop Payment in your Online Banking for checks stolen.  There is a $35 Stop Payment Fee on a check.

Lost or stolen credit card or suspicious credit card transactions

Call 1-800-556-5678

Suspicious or unauthorized transactions on your account

Call 1-888-543-5510

Suspicious activity with an online service

Call 1-888-543-5510

  • For an online transfer you didn’t authorize
  • For an erroneous Bill Pay transaction

Suspicious email received, but did not respond

Immediately forward suspicious emails that appear to be from First Reliance Bank to: