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Your Privacy & Security

Outsmart and overcome fraud and identity theft!  First Reliance monitors and  offers ways for you to protect your Personal and Small Business checking1 and card customers with all the ways you bank today — through an ATM, on the internet, by mail or at a branch. From guaranteeing your online payments will go through2, to monitoring your online and offline banking transactions for potential fraudulent activity, we work constantly to provide for the security and dependability of your banking.

No Fraud icon with red circle through black text that reads FraudPreventing Fraud

Learn about First Reliance’s suite of products, services and account features that help prevent fraud. Get tips on fraud prevention both for yourself and your business, such as utilizing Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL), a security feature that turns the address bar in high security browsers green to help you visually verify that you are at the authentic Web site. more »

Grey magnifying glass over black text that reads "Fraud" against a white background

Detecting Fraud

Find out how you can recognize a phishing or a pharming attempt. First Reliance Bank has a number of tools that will help you detect potential fraud before it’s too late.  more »


Identity theft in red text against black thumbprintResolving Fraud and Identity Theft

Learn how First Reliance helps you minimize the damage to your credit and account information if your identity or account information is compromised.  more »


1. Excludes Commercial Checking
2. Subject to guidelines set forth in the First Reliance Bank Online Banking and Bill Pay Service Agreement.