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Personal Saving or Christmas & Vacation Club Accounts

Start Saving Today.  It’s Easier Than You Think.

Life comes at you fast!  Often times we have good intentions of sitting down to create a budget and track it, but doing this isn’t at the top of our list, and keeping up with it generally falls off.  First Reliance Bank can help you start saving now.

Here are 3 easy steps to set up your savings:

  1. Choose an item you want to save for, when you want to buy it, then figure out how much you need to save each pay date. It’s a simple process and it works!  Divide your total amount by the number of times you’ll be paid between now and your end save date.  This gives you how much you have to set aside each pay date. (ie.  New Tires $600 by 6 months. You get paid every 2 weeks so you need to save $50 each pay check.)
  2. Open a savings account by getting your application started online or by visiting one of our branches. You can open multiple savings accounts if you have more than one thing you’re saving for.  You can keep track of which savings is for what by naming your savings accounts in your online banking by clicking on the Options tab and then Accounts. For Example:   She said “I Do” Wedding Expenses, Rainy Day Savings, New Furniture Savings, etc
  3. Ask your Personal Banker to help you set up an Automatic Funds Transfer for the amount you want to save from your checking on each of your pay dates. If you already have a savings account open you can have this set up on your existing account.

OLB Christmas Club Ad copyOpen A Christmas Club or Vacation Club For Easier Savings

If you’re saving for Christmas or Vacation, open a Christmas Club Account or Vacation Club Account.  The account is a loyalty type of account based on your relationship with the bank and how much you use the bank.

  • The Christmas Clubs pay out on October 26th and Vacation Clubs pay out on May 15th or the following business day if those dates fall on a weekend.
  • The account remains open even after payout as long as you have money being transferred into it.
  • Ask your branch for more details.


Vacation Moolah!TIP:  Figure out how much you want to save and then divide that by the number of paydays until the payout date.  That will let you know how much to set your Automatic Funds Transfer up for from your checking into your club account each payday.

Call 888.543.5510 or email for more information, apply online,  or stop by any of our branches to open a Christmas or Vacation Club account today.

All deposits are FDIC insured.