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We take the hassle out of
switching to a better bank.

First Reliance Bank Switch Kit

Switching to our bank is not as complicated as you think. We have created an EasySWITCH Program to make your move to our bank simple and worry free. While other banks have Switch Kits, we have people who will take care of the switch for you.

Step 1: Explore our site and determine which account is right for you.

Step 2: Open your new account at First Reliance Bank. Download and complete the Easy Switch form. Then bring completed form with your identification to any branch office.

Step 3: Switch your direct deposits, automatic payments and close your old account by downloading and completing the forms below. Then, please print and mail them to the appropriate financial institution.

 My Direct Deposit My Automatic Payments Close My Old Account


Important Telephone Numbers

  • Progress Energy – 1.800.452.2777
  • Time Warner Cable – 866.892.7201
  • BellSouth – 1.888.757.6500
  • Pee Dee Electric – 1.866.747.0060

Need Help?
Our Personal Bankers will fill out the forms for you! Call 888.543.5510 or stop by any of First Reliance Bank branch to open an account today.