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Important Debit Card Fraud Notice

Banks in our market areas, including local banks like First Reliance Bank, have begun to experience higher levels of fraudulent debit card transactions and potentially compromised debit card numbers. Law enforcement officials are actively investigating this escalation, but they have not been able to determine the exact source of the compromised debit card numbers.  For customer protection, our bank has the ability to change debit card use settings which will require you to use your Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your debit card for most transactions versus using your card as a credit card and signature authorization and we have implemented those settings for certain types of transactions. We recommend you use your PIN number the entire month of February.

For customers enrolled in the CardCash Rewards program this will affect cash you could earn back on your debit card. First Reliance’s first priority is to protect your accounts from fraud and therefore we recommend you only use your PIN number for February.

We have had a standard for several years that if you are traveling out of state or out of the country that you contact us so that we can put settings on your account for your debit card to process where you are going. Countries or states where we are experiencing fraud often are blocked for transactions to come through in order to protect our customer accounts. These blocks dynamically change per what fraud reports we receive from our fraud monitoring vendor. It is recommended to use your PIN number on your card versus using it as a credit card transaction and to travel with more than one type of card in your wallet.

Please call our Customer Care Center at 888.543.5510 if you have any questions regarding this message alert and on how to use your debit card.

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