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First Reliance Bank Promotes Itself As A Pokestop!

Pokestop LED msgJuly 22, 2016, Florence, SC – One of the segments First Reliance Bank targets to grow the bank is Millennials (young adults).  Millennials LOVE tech games!  So, First Reliance thought they’d try a little marketing to this younger age group by making the Main Branch, Florence, S.C., a PokeStop.

The bank bought coins in the Pokemon Go game so that it could exchange them for Lures and put them out throughout the day.  Lures makes Pokemon creatures appear at the bank’s location for anyone playing the game to capture.  It’s a cheap way to create a little awareness about First Reliance Bank and take advantage of the craze that Pokemon Go has created.

It costs about $1.19 to put Lure’s out every 30 minutes during the day.  We did this throughout the entire week of July 18th.  We aren’t able to measure results but the idea was to create a little more traffic through the parking lots or buzz about the bank. The bank used it’s large outside LED sign to promote that it is a PokeStop.   We wanted our customers to have a little fun while doing their banking if they were playing the game.


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