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We’ve compiled a list of several useful calculators to assist you with a wide range of topics from buying a home to retirement planning.

These calculators are provided only as tools to help you plan and prepare for a financial objective. Their results do not represent financial or investment advice. We do not guarantee their accuracy or that they will apply to your individual circumstances. Your actual costs and fees may vary. Consult a qualified financial professional before making important personal finance decisions.

To view a calculator, click a link below and a new window will pop up for your convenience.


Simple Savings
How Long Until You’re a Millionaire?
Tuition Savings
How Wealthy Are You?

IRA’s and Investments

Pre-payment vs. Investment
Retirement Payout
How much to Retire
Roth vs Traditional IRA

Consumer Loans

Simple Loan Payment
How Much does it cost to lease?
What’s missing?


Rent or Buy
Mortgage Payment Table
How much house can you afford
BiWeekly Mortgage Payment
Prepayment Mortgage Reduction