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Ready when you are

Your First Reliance Debit Card is the perfect way to pay for every little thing—and it’s already in your wallet.

Click here for steps to activate your new Debit Mastercard

FREE Checking Debit Card

Put your checking account to work at any time with your FREE Debit Card.

  • Make purchases anywhere debit or credit cards are accepted, without the time and trouble of writing or recording a check.
  • Use your online banking account or monthly statement to track your purchases!
  • Simplify travel plans by carrying your card instead of cash or checks.

Better than a Credit Card!

A FREE Debit Card is available with your checking account, and offers advantages over a credit card:

  • Simpler and easier to get than a credit card
  • More readily accepted than checks almost everywhere
  • Convenient for telephone, online internet, or mail order purchases
  • Manage the on/off feature of your Debit Card in Mobile Banking
  • Travel safely without packing cash or checks.
  • Use your debit card at NO-FEE First Reliance Bank ATMs when you need cash.
  • Know you're protected and can count on built-in fraud protection. Unlike cash, you’re protected if your card is ever lost or stolen. And with zero fraud liability, you’re not responsible for any unauthorized purchases.
  • View a description of every purchase or ATM cash withdrawal using your online banking account or your monthly checking account statement.

Q. Are there any changes to the debit cards being offered?

A. There are four card types – Better Life, Hometown Heroes and Business.  We discontinued the iMatter and Moms First programs so anyone with those cards will be converted into BetterLife.  

B. The card plastics have been re-designed and are now vertical instead of a horizontal.

C. The daily POS limits have changed:

  • BetterLife and Hometown Heroes have $2,500 daily POS limits
  • Business Debit Cards have a $5,000 daily POS limit

Protect your Debit Card

REPORT A LOST OR STOLEN CARD IMMEDIATELY TO 888-543-5502  press 4 when you hear the menu and then 2 on the next menu.


Help protect your account by notifying the bank before you travel.

To avoid disruption of your card use, please let us know the dates and locations of your travel so we can better monitor debit and credit card activity on your account and make sure your card will work in the area you are traveling to.

CALL: 888-543-5510 MONDAY – FRIDAY 8AM – 6PM

    New Mastercard Debit Card image

Here are some of the great benefits that come with Mastercard.

  • Mastercard ID Theft Protection
  • Mastercard Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Mastercard Airport Concierge™

For a full guide to benefts view the Mastercard Guide to Benefits.