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It’s a Better Life




Welcome to The Better Side of Life, a new way for us to share stories, ideas and articles designed to help make the lives of our customer better.

As you hopefully already know and appreciate, First Reliance Bank is serious about delivering a better experience in every interaction that we have with our customers. We care about what matters most to you and we’re interested in demonstrating that to you in every way we can.

We’ll be publishing a steady stream of content on The Better Side of Life, covering all kinds of different topics. Naturally, we’ll be sharing financial tips to help you manage your money and your banking in the smartest possible way. But we’ll also be digging into special points of interest in the communities that we serve, including ways to recognize and celebrate some of the people who contribute so much to those around them, like parents, teachers, and first responders.

We’ll keep you posted on upcoming bank events that your family might like to attend — and we’ll post photos and videos to capture some of the fun moments at those events.

We’ll look for content that is seasonally timely, has human interest and that motivates customers like you to share their thoughts and ideas in return.

As always, at First Reliance Bank, we have always believed that there’s more to banking than money. Good communication between you and First Reliance through The Better Side of Life is going to be a fresh, new way for us to work on bringing interesting content to all of our customers.

So, please check us out now and then to see what’s new. And don’t forget to “like” us on our Facebook page as that will be an easy way to be kept informed when something new has been published on The Better Side of Life.


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