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10 Low-Cost Ways To Make Dad Smile

A lot of us think of Dad as Superman. We just expect him to be there when we need him. We count on his support. He leads us on family outings that make memories for life. He unselfishly sets aside his wants and needs to make sure we realize our dreams. His free time is our time – no matter how little he has. So what do you give a Superman? How do you make him smile? There’s something that doesn’t cost a penny, but could be the most valuable gift you ever give your Dad. It’s time. We live in a busy world. From the demands of work to the pressures and joys of carting the kids from activity to activity, many of us don’t seem to have a moment to spare. In fact, some of us have our days so jam-packed that we can’t even imagine how we would give one more minute of our precious time to another person. While we fill up the minutes, the years are slipping by. That’s why the gift of time is one of the best gifts you can give your father. Sure, you’ll have to make a special effort to carve out some precious hours from your other commitments. You may even have to sacrifice those few hours you were hoping to use to chill out by yourself. But whether your time is spent with Dad or doing something for Dad, it will make him happy.                         Here are ten low-cost ways for you to bring a smile to your Dad’s face. While each costs little or nothing in terms of money, any one of them is likely to be highly prized by Dad.

  • Give him a homemade coupon, good for one full day with you doing anything he wants to do.
  • Detail his vehicle. Wash it from top to bottom. Make both the inside and outside sparkle like new.
  • Ask Dad to teach you how to do something he’s good at, but that — despite his best efforts — you’ve never shown an interest in before.
  • Create a playlist or CD of Dad’s favorite music. He’ll think of you every time he listens to it.
  • Make a collage of pictures from great times you’ve spent with your Dad through the years. Frame it for him.
  • Pack a picnic meal and take Dad to the beach or lake for the day and just hang out.
  • Arrange a movie night showing his favorite film. You bring the popcorn and beverages.
  • Play Dad’s favorite sport with him. From tossing the football or baseball, to bowling or shooting hoops, get into his game.
  • Take Dad fishing, clean the catch and make him dinner.
  • Write a poem, song or letter for Dad. Describe what makes him special and include some of your favorite memories with him. Frame it for him.


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