Branch Closings: Hurricane Dorian

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Tell Us About Your Heroes

There are heroes all around us. Every day, they make our world a better place through their everyday actions. Look around your community. Do you know someone whose extraordinary service makes it a better place to live? There are those who step into harm's way to save others. Some who reach out to comfort and help those in need. Others who give us the gift of inspiration. Everyday, police, fire fighters, medical personel, teachers and other dedicated professionals make the world a better place through the course of their lives and careers. We recognize these special people as “Hometown Heroes” and we offer them a special banking program as a way of saying “thanks.” Do you have a Hometown Hero you would like to recognize? We invite you to go to the First Reliance Bank Facebook page and tell our community about your own Hometown Hero. And, if you have a photo, we hope you'll share that too. [caption id="attachment_4943" align="aligncenter" width="561"]Hometown Heroes-Sharon Click on Sharon to view[/caption]


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