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Impulse Savings!

DIGITAL_COIN_COUNTING_MONEY_JAREvery time you walk out the door you encounter spending $5 to $10 on that energy drink at the convenience store, an extra item such as chips added to your lunch purchase, or the gourmet coffee with a muffin added.

We buy lots of unnecessary impulse things almost daily!

Why not capitalize on those whims and save instead of spending?  It's easy to do!   Log on to your online banking, choose the transfer command and transfer the same amount of money you were going to spend on impulse to your savings.  You can even add a description as to what you skipped or what you're putting the money toward.  For instance $5 saved on drink at the movie theatre or $4.50 saved toward vacation, etc.  All those small dollars will add up fast and you'll be amazed at how much you can save by changing a few small habits.

If you set up a savings goal in the MyFinance tab of your Online Banking it'll even track your progress automatically for you.  It helps if you refrain from withdrawing the money and are serious about impulse savings instead of impulse spending!

So go ahead...be impulsive! Impulse Save!


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