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4 Ways To Save On Your Smartphone

4 Ways to Save on Your Scell phone imagemartphone

Love it or hate it, your smartphone is probably an indispensible part of your life. If the cost of a new phone or your monthly bill has you bugged, you'll appreciate knowing a few ways to save a bundle.

Repair your existing phone and you can save big money compared to buying a new one. If your phone is a little slow, has some hiccups or is only slightly damaged (and having the latest gadget isn't important to you) a local smartphone repair shop might be able to get it running as good as new. Plus, the diagnostic tests to find out if it can be repaired are usually free.

Sell your old phone. Many cell carriers have trade-in and trade-up programs. You can also get cash for old phones from recyclers like ecoATM or Gazelle, through online garage sale sites, or from online marketplace sites like craigslist or letgo.

Shop retailers other than your carrier such as Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, Costco and Gazelle (which also resells pre-owned phones). Be sure to verify the new phone is compatible with your cellular carrier. Also check your carrier's website for refurbished phones, which usually come with the same warranty (and a lower markup) as new devices.

Once your contract is up shop several carriers before you settle on a new plan. Save yourself the headache of tracking your comparisons by logging on to WhistleOut, which helps you sort through carrier and plan combinations so you can find the best possible deal.

With these tips in mind, research the best options for you to get dialed in to even bigger smartphone savings!

Source: Wise Bread


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