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Tips For Avoiding Overdrafts

The following information will help you manage your account wisely.

Know Your Balance

  • If you have a joint account, designate one person as the account manager
  • Consider direct deposit of your payroll checks and other benefit payments
  • Record all checks, ATM transactions, debit transactions, account fees, and deposits in your checkbook and keep a running balance
  • Never write a check or make a charge on your debit card for more than you have in your account
  • Make sure deposits to your account clear before withdrawing cash or making charges against those deposits
  • Balance your checkbook against your bank statement every month

Keep Your Account Safe

  • Report stolen checks or debit cards immediately
  • Update your personal information when moving or changing names
  • Don’t use other people’s checks or debit cards, or let them use yours
  • Keep your checks and debit cards in a safe place

Check Writing Basics

  • Always use a pen
  • Don’t erase mistakes
  • Never sign blank checks
  • Be cautious of post-dating checks
  • Destroy voided or unused checks and deposit slips

Balance Inquiries

When you do a balance inquiry online or at a First Reliance Bank ATM, the balance provided reflects the deposits and withdrawals actually posted to your account.  Keep in mind this balance does not reflect transactions (deposits, checks, debits and ATM withdrawals) that are still outstanding and have not been processed against your account.


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