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What to Look For in a Smart Bathroom

What to Look For in a Smart Bathroom

Many home buyers today are looking for home automation that integrates smart devices and technology to make their lives easier and more comfortable. Smart technology ranges from remotely controlling the temperature of your home to seeing what's inside of your refrigerator while you're at the store. The bathroom is an important room in your home, so let's look at five areas where smart technology can elevate your bathroom experience.

Toilets. Hands-free is important for the toilet. Look for toilets that have motion sensors that automatically raise and lower the seat without having to touch it. Many smart toilets have features that can wash and dry body parts, eliminating the use of toilet paper. Self-cleaning toilets are desirable as are ones with LED lights.

Faucets. Infrared sensors turn the water on and off when you place your hands under the faucet, eliminating the need to touch the faucet. Look for ones that you can set on timers to turn off after a set amount of time and ones that you can automatically set the desired temperature for.

Soaking tubs. Stand-alone tubs are very popular. Look for tubs made with sleek lines and interesting materials, such as stone or copper. Download an app on your smartphone that tells the bathtub to fill up at just the right temperature before you arrive home. Add mood lights to enhance your experience, and install a waterproof smart TV on the wall for your viewing pleasure while soaking.

Cooling cabinets. While not technically a smart feature, a cooling cabinet has many advantages. Keep your cosmetics in the cool cabinet to keep them preserved during the warm weather, and keep fragile medicines temperature controlled in the cabinet.

Customizable lighting. Install motion sensor lights under the vanity or near the toilet to help you see when it's dark, and mood-enhancing lights can elevate your bathroom experience.

These are just a few features that can help to make your bathroom a smart bathroom.

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