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• 93% Customer Satisfaction
• 95% Associate Engagement
• Best Places To Work for the 15th consecutive year

We Attribute Our Achievements to our Purpose to Provide Better Customer and Employee Experiences

First Reliance Bank’s commitment to making our customers’ lives better has resulted in a 93% customer satisfaction score in a 2020 independent customer survey.  The bank consistently receives high scores from our customers and had a 90% customer satisfaction in 2019.  The 2020 rating is 13 points higher than the average national bank satisfaction score of 80% and 10 points higher than the average for community banks of 83% according to the 2019 American Customer Satisfaction Index.

First Reliance Bank’s unique culture of customer-centric banking begins with highly engaged associates who are passionate about the bank’s purpose, to make the lives of our customers better.  Culture is a reflection of how people act and a company’s brand.  Our culture is simply the result of our associates living our core values and delivering the one word that is at the heart of who we are - to make things BETTER. "When the bank was founded I chose seven core values that reflect what I truly believe would inspire customers to want to bank with us.  These values are the foundation on which we built a better bank.  I believe all associates must share these same values in order to be a great fit for our company and for us to deliver our purpose," said Rick Saunders, President and CEO.  

Over the past 21 years, we’ve experienced many changes both good and bad, but our seven values have kept us anchored and allowed us to make emotional connections with our customers that show we understand what’s important in their life. This is what has made us successful and a truly different bank.

“We go to great lengths to recruit people who are committed to our philosophy of fast, friendly, convenient customer service, and who fit our culture,” said Cindy Coward, VP of Associate Experience. 

“Another important goal of First Reliance Bank is to provide associates with an incredible work experience,” Coward continued. “We accomplish that through committed and caring leadership, opportunities for associates to do their best work, and rewards and recognition that make our associate lives better. This results in our associates aligning their passions with our purpose and fulfilling an internal desire to truly make a difference.  Our associates feel they are part of something much bigger than themselves. If we continue to make people’s lives better then we have truly made a difference!”

A way we measure how well we are achieving our purpose is through the Associate Engagement score from our Best Places To Work survey.  This year our Associate Engagement score increased to 95% up from 90% in 2019.  We are especially excited to receive this score as our associates are the ones who complete the survey.  Their scores verify that we are achieving our Associate Promise at a high leveleven through the COVID pandemic.  The average engagement score for a company is 72% and we are a remarkable 23 points above that!

First Reliance Bank learned recently that we have achieved Best Places To Work in South Carolina again this year making it the fifteen consecutive year of being a Best Places To Work company!  We are one of the three businesses who have accomplished this from the time the survey began.  This is an incredible achievement and we are honored our associates feel so strongly about our company!

"Our 21st bank anniversary was on Sunday, August 16th.   Looking at what our team of associates are accomplishing is really exciting and fulfills much of what my brother, Paul Saunders, friend, Dale Porter, and I set out to accomplish when we started the bank," said Saunders.  


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