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IRS Scams

IRS Scams

First Reliance Bank takes you, our customers, and anyone considering a switch in their banking services seriously. Tax Season officially began on Monday, January 23rd, the date the Internal Revenue Service announced they would start accepting 2022 tax returns. There’s no reason to wait to file; however, be aware of the scam out there that can scare the daylights out of you.

That scam might come by way of email, but many times it’s over the phone.

How the IRS Scam Works

You get a call, and the caller claims to be with the IRS. They claim you owe the IRS money, and if you don’t pay right away, frequently with a wire transfer of money, you’ll be arrested.

It seems real because the caller might have information about you because of identity theft. They’ll have a fake badge number and name.  The caller ID can even look like it came from Washington, D.C.

But as you may have guessed, that’s not Uncle Sam you’re talking to. It is a crook.

How the IRS Really Contacts People

Always remember that the IRS will never demand payment without first sending you a bill.

  • No bill, no debt.
  • The REAL IRS will never take a debit or credit card number over the phone.
  • They will not threaten to bring in law enforcement to have you arrested.
  • The authentic IRS gives you a chance to appeal the amount you owe and plead your case.

If you get one of these calls, hang up. If you receive an email with this information, ignore it.  If in doubt, call the IRS number in your area to be sure you have nothing to worry about. The IRS is there to help you. Click this link for IRS online tools and resources.

First Reliance Bank values our customers and understands that banking may sometimes be mind-numbing. We take keeping your accounts safe and have a Fraud Protection Center. There are ways you can protect your accounts from fraud. Please review the information on our website.

If you become a victim of identity theft, it’s important that you act as soon as you notice something is missing or wrong. If you have accounts at First Reliance Bank, contact your branch or account representative, or call our toll-free number 888-543-5510 to report the situation. After hours or on weekends, call 1-888-297-3416 to report a lost or stolen debit card, and to report fraud, call 1-800-237-8990.

At First Reliance Bank, where “Banking As Unique As You Are,” is always top of mind, we are here to help and answer your questions. Do us a favor and tell your friends about us so we can help them be as smart about their money as you.


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