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Bad Weather Prep

Bad Weather Prep


Everything might seem cozy and safe at home, but imagine severe weather hits the area. We’re talking about a “quick, we have to get out of here” severe weather.   

Are you ready financially?  

You can be, and it won’t take long.  Following are some quick tips.  

How to Store Documents 

Get a durable storage box that is waterproof. 

How Much Cash to Have for Emergency 

Keep a small amount of cash in it—money you can use for purchases if the power goes out for a few days and you find yourself in the dark.   

What Documents to Store 

Also, place important financial papers like insurance policies, wills, and a spare checkbook in the storage box. 

Direct Deposit 

A big problem when having to evacuate and leave town is how you get your paycheck. This is another reason—and there are many—to have direct deposit. Your money will still get to your account if you’re out of town or trapped in your home.  

And finally, once you arrive at a safe destination, remember you can check on accounts and pay bills with online banking. Online banking is easy, safe, and smart. 

So now you, your important documents, and your wallet will be ready whenever Mother Nature becomes chaotic.

To learn more about the 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Center, click this link to visit the National Hurricane Center website. This link, also from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Center (NOAA), provides top news updates.

Do us a favor and tell your friends about us so we can help them be as smart about their money as you are. 


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