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First Reliance Bank

Phone Banking from First Reliance Bank Brings the Bank to Your Phone!

First Reliance Bank offers 24-hour automated telephone service for checking account inquiries, loan payments and to transfer funds from one account to another.

24-Hour Phone Banking

Florence, SC Branch 843.656.2025

Lexington, SC Branch 803.996.4955

Charleston, SC Branch 843.789.1111

Toll Free 888.543.5502

Chose one of the following options:

  • Checking or Money Market, Dial 1
  • Savings, Dial 2
  • Loans, Dial 3
  • CD or IRA, Dial 4
  • Transfers funds or loan payments funds for an account, Dial 6
  • Verify available balance on an account, Dial 7
  • Activate or report lost or stolen debit card, Dial 9
  • Return to the operator, Dial 0
  • To end menu, Dial #
  • To repeat menu, Dial *

First Time User:

  • Enter the account number for one of the options above.
  • Enter Your Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number
  • When prompted, enter 4-10 digits for the new pin number followed by the # sign twice
  • The system will confirm the new pin number for you to review
  • From this point you will be able to access your accounts