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Better Money Management for Holidays

Do you know how much you make and where your money goes? Do you have any idea how much you can afford to spend this holiday shopping season?

Before you head for the mall, why not take a quick snapshot of your finances and create a holiday spending budget? When you better understand how your money flows, you can better manage your finances and keep your holiday spending under control.

First Reliance Bank Holiday Money Management Check out our easy-to-use free budgeting tools for personal and family budgets. You'll discover a variety of tools like financial calculators, videos and budgeting worksheets that will help you manage your money better.

You can avoid the shock of bills that could rock your finances in 2013.

Now is also a great time to begin planning for the 2013 holiday season. Our tools show you how to easily track what you spend on holiday gifts this year. Divide that total by 12, and you'll know how much you have to save each month for next year's holiday shopping season!

If you want to open a separate savings account just for your 2013 holiday savings, we make it easy to save. We show you how to go online to set up an automatic transfer of funds from your checking to your savings each month (or on any pay date you have). Or, if you like, you can always contact one of our personal bankers who will be happy to set it up for you.

Let First Reliance Bank help you learn how to manage your money better this holiday season, and live a better life.


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