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Money Makeover Guide

Everyday we hear the current economy is affecting our customers, but there are ways to get household budgets into shape, and First Reliance Bank is here to help.  To that end, we have developed a program called "We The Financially Fit", to help our customers establish and maintain financial goals, while guiding them through valuable money management lessons along the way.  It's all about helping you increase your savings while reducing debt.  And we're asking for input and ideas from you through our social media that can be shared to help each other. Below is a FREE Money Makeover Guide that you can download and use to get started.  It has several different worksheet tools in it that you can use to develop and track your budget and spending habits.  Or you can pick one up in any of our branches. Money Makeover Guide You can also use the Free Budget Tools on the My Finance tab in your Online Banking.  Go to to log on to your Online Banking at the top of the website page.  A My Finance User Guide can easily be downloaded to use this tool. We also encourage you to take time to view 4 Free Personal Finance videos on our website.  The videos are presented by Joe Sangl, a personal finance expert.  It is our mission for you to lead a financially fit life the way you want to live it.  Joe Sangl also offers more information for free on his website: (I Was Broke. Now I'm Not.) Wouldn't it be nice to have extra money for vacations, large purchases and retirement?  This Money Makeover Guide combined with our Personal Finance Videos are powerful tools that can lead you to a financially fit life.  It's all in your hands now! Please email with any comments or suggestions/ideas that you use that would be helpful to share with others!  


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