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7 Tips for Breaking Away from Your Day Job for Self-Employment

Free yourself from the toil of a 9 to 5 job with these helpful tips.small_business

Do you ever dream of the freedom and flexibility of self-employment as you “punch the clock” each work day? With a little initiative and ingenuity, you can drop your day job for something more rewarding and become a self-sufficient professional who only answers to you. Read below for some helpful tips for making the transition from employee to successful entrepreneur.

No guts, no glory: This may not come as a surprise, but in order to invoke change in your life, you must be willing to make changes and step out of your comfort zone. Put yourself out there, and rather than fear the possibility of failure, accept it as a normal step on the path to success.

Whether you’re considering relocating to a new city for more opportunities, or starting a business, you are guaranteed to fail if you never try. However, while we encourage you to take risks, avoid unreasonable endeavors, such as using your life savings to win big at the blackjack table.

Expand your skill set: Assess your community for needed services, and develop the skills to provide those services. If residents in your community are traveling 20 miles to the next town over for delicious baked goods, perhaps you should throw on apron and save them the trip. Plus, you get the added benefit of bettering yourself and expanding your horizons.

Cut the fat: Where possible, cut expenses to make achieving your goals more manageable. Consider things like cutting your cable and using cheaper online services like Netflix for entertainment, or opt for riding a bicycle or public transportation instead of purchasing a vehicle to avoid expenses for gas, insurance, taxes, and maintenance. With less bills to pay, you can get by with a part-time job or less and devote more time to your self-employment goals.

Embrace your interests: Have you ever considered taking your interests or hobbies, and adapting them as a means of earning a living? Whether you enjoy woodworking or playing video games, there is a way to use those interests to earn a living. Sell your handmade wood furniture on online sites like Etsy, or open your own video game shop, and earn an income doing what you love.

Get your name out: In the digital age, there are countless ways to self promote and attract clients to your service. For example, if you want to open a restaurant and attract new customers, create a Facebook page and encourage satisfied patrons to “follow” your site and leave good reviews. You can even offer incentives to followers for sharing posts and writing reviews, such as a coupon for a free appetizer or dessert.

Mix it up: If you are multi talented and looking for ways to increase your opportunities and income, you can use your current opportunities to create new ones. Perhaps, for example, you have developed a following writing a blog that provides helpful tips for writing in professional settings, but you also enjoy writing fiction on the side. You could use your current blog to introduce tips for writing fiction, and share your stories with your already established readers, potentially creating a new audience for your other interest.

Develop a network: Develop relationships with others that share your interests and drive for added support and opportunity generators. You can join organizations, clubs, or find a groups online to share insights, tips, and motivation to keep you going until you are successful. A little support from people that have been where you are can go a long way.

Depending on your current situation, such as paying back school loans, or supporting a family with limited income, following through with your aspirations of becoming self-employed may seem beyond your reach, however, with enough planning and wise financial decisions, you can become a self-made success. If you want to learn more about how to make the best of your finances, or discuss loan options for your new endeavor, talk with the small business financing professionals at First Reliance Bank. Together, we can work to make your dream a reality.


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