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Fraud Warning Signs

Fraud Warning Signs

Truth be told, today, there are many people out to scam you. Check fraud has spiked in the U.S., with thieves stealing money and selling bogus checks on the darknet. Mail-related check fraud is rising, as criminals can easily get their hands on your checks. As terrible as this is, knowing the warning signs can be a very good thing. Help begins at home.

  1. Unexpected charges.

If you do not check your accounts carefully, while this may be obvious, someone could buy something unexpected with your money. First Reliance customers whose accounts are enrolled in online banking or the bank’s mobile app simply need to turn on the alert settings to know when purchases are made.

  1. Checks that are significantly out of order on your bank statement.

When checking your monthly bank statement, you may not have written that check if you notice an oddball check number.

  1. Bills and statements unexpectedly stop arriving in the mail.

If you normally receive statements by mail and realize those are not being delivered as before, it is possible that someone else may be getting them.

Even though the use of checks is decreasing, check fraud is not going away – in fact, it’s growing, making it even more important to follow these five simple guidelines:

  1. Guard and control your check stock and any blank checks.
  2. Never sign checks in advance, leaving blank the payee’s name and amount fields.
  3. Consider using digital or electronic payment channels (i.e., ACH or Positive Pay).
  4. If you aren't expecting a check and receive one, do not deposit or cash it. Contact the payor to confirm, or contact your local branch for guidance.
  5. Avoid unattended or more remote mailboxes for mailing checks.

If you are still left with questions about check fraud, don't hesitate to get in touch with your branch manager if you are a First Reliance Bank customer. At First Reliance Bank, where “Banking As Unique As You Are,” is always top of mind, we are here to help guide your banking decisions.

Do us a favor and tell your friends about us so we can help them be as smart about their money as you are.


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