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Sign Up for e-Statements and Ditch the Filing Cabinet!

Sign Up for e-Statements and Ditch the Filing Cabinet!

Monthly bank statements. Ah, yes, those papers that are coming your way every month. Consider, if you will, two individual types. An organized wizard with a filing cabinet (or cabinets) holding chronologically organized statements and another who cringes when trying to remember where last month’s statement is. Whomever you relate with, First Reliance Bank offers a banking service that works brilliantly.


Five Reasons Why e-Statements are Good.

  1. e-Statements are accessible days earlier than mailed statements.
  2. e-Statements reduce the risk of identity theft.
  3. There’s no need for shredding or saving stacks of paper.
  4. Saving paper and fuel is better for the environment and your pocketbook.
  5. e-Statements are totally free. That’s right, totally free.

There are numerous benefits when receiving e-Statements, but the best is how they save you money. Yes, that’s correct; you can say farewell to the monthly maintenance fee by signing up for e-Statements. The yield of saving $5 per month totaling $60 for the year, makes for a pleasant addition to your savings account or even treating yourself to a coffee or two at your favorite cafe.

While e-Statements are only for online banking customers, First Reliance encourages all customers to consider the numerous benefits and sign up. Saving time and improving security with peace of mind knowing your financial information is on a secure website rather than in a paper format. Additionally, the improvement in account management is huge because statement history is stored online. For free!

Sign Up for e-Statements!

Simply click this link from a desktop browser and follow these steps:

  1. Log onto your Online Banking
  2. Click “e-Statements” on the menu bar
  3. Click “Enroll Now”

Retire the Filing Cabinet.

Stop misplacing statements and kiss any need for a filing cabinet goodbye when switching to paperless documents. It’s easy, reduces clutter, and simplifies financial recordkeeping. Plus, it reduces the risk of mail fraud and identity theft. All much easier than getting rid of a filing cabinet!

At First Reliance Bank, where “Banking As Unique As You Are,” is always top of mind, we are here to help guide your banking decisions. Do us a favor and tell your friends about us so we can help them be as smart about their money as you are.

Sign up by May 31, 2023, to be registered for monthly drawings to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card.


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