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Gen Y Is Blazing New Trails

Gen Y. The Millennial Generation. Echo Boomers. If you were born between 1980 and 2000, you're one of them.

Each of you is a unique individual, but your generation has one big thing in common. You see things differently than any other generation before you.

Yours is truly a generation that is changing the way the world functions. From banking to the 2013 Oscars, you're making your mark and blazing new trails.

First Reliance Bank Gen YWe want you to know that First Reliance Bank is listening to what you have to say.

We understand that you grew up with sophisticated communication, media and digital technologies. They're just part of your daily life, as is social media.

We've learned that you're comfortable with credit. You're aware that how you manage your money is crucial to reaching your life goals.

You've told us that you want more from your bank. You want to be heard and get connected through Facebook and blogging. Tools to help with your personal financial planning are important. Because your cell phone is literally your lifeline to the world, mobile banking options are a must. Online bill pay and 24/7 banking are essential to your lifestyle.

Technology is your friend and it's changing the banking world.

At First Reliance Bank, we want to help our customers build a better life. That starts with listening closely to your comments and needs. When you provide your input, we use that information to develop and deliver better customer experiences.

So how does this link to the Oscars? Have you noticed that Gen Y is also changing the entertainment world?

Isn't it exciting to see the ranks of Academy Award nominees filled with 20 and 30-somethings? Best Actress nominee Jennifer Lawrence is 22 and Supporting Actress nominee Anne Hathaway is 31. When you hear Best Song nominee “Skyfall” performed by singer Adele, you'll be listening to a 24 year-old who also co-wrote the song.

Here's some additional Oscar trivia that we hope you enjoy: First Reliance Bank Gen Y/Oscars

- Since the Oscars were first awarded in 1929, only 20 of the winners in the acting categories have been within the ages of 18 and 33. Jennifer Lawrence, the favorite in the Best Actress category this year, would make it 21.

- In 1980, when the first Millennial Generation members were being born, the song “Fame” — composed by a 29-year-old named Michael Gore — won the Oscar for Best original song. Perhaps it was a sign of things to come — so many from Gen Y are enjoying Oscar fame!

- Everyone likes to look good on the red carpet on Oscar night. The average cost of a gown worn by a celebrity at this year's Oscars will be $10,000. At that cost, the average Gen Y-er would have to work 13 weeks to buy an Oscar gown.

- Every Oscar winner will tell you the award is priceless. But in cold, hard terms, it has a skin of 24-K gold over a pewter base. In today's market that ½ ounce of gold skin would cost around $800 — just about double what it would have cost when the Millennial Generation was just getting started in 1980.

- Did you know Adele's “Skyfall” is the fourth song from a James Bond movie to be nominated for an Oscar? Adele wasn't even alive when the other three were nominated. They were "Live and Let Die" (from 1973's Live and Let Die), "Nobody Does It Better" (from 1977'sThe Spy Who Loved Me), and "For Your Eyes Only" (from 1981's For Your Eyes Only).


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