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Ways to Trim Your Holiday Expenses

Ways to Trim Your Holiday Expenses

The holidays can put an emotional and financial strain on families, and American consumers know all too well, how just a bit of overspending can have consequences long after that holiday spirit has worn away. With that in mind, here are a few ways to reduce your holiday spending before, during, and after the holiday season.

Sticking to a budget is not the shiniest object in the room, there isn't any buzz about it, everyone seems to know about it, but far fewer people actually do it. Using a budget for the holidays should involve planning for travel, eating out, and saying "No" to unnecessary, luxury items. We suggest brainstorming for gifts a few months in advance, so you have time to find gifts that are affordably priced. Make room for them in your budget, and think of things you can do to make the gifts more personal, while keeping to a budget, like manual gift personalization, or signed photos for close family, friends, and business associates. Also, stock up on stamps for your holiday cards.

This is all worth it, because according to Holiday Travel Report research, just shy of 1 in 10 Americans who use credit cards for holiday expenses, still pays for them by the time next holiday season comes around - not a good cycle to be in.

Knowledge of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are commonplace, but there are tons of similar deals that don't get anywhere near the publicity that these major events get. In fact, consignment, consumer-driven retailers like Ebay, Etsy, and others have steadily been a growing sector of retail that has expanded to become more attractive for US consumers. This trend is particularly obvious when looking at the size of the consignment market now compared to just 10 years ago, particularly when combining this trend with the steady move towards online ecommerce, driven primarily by Amazon.

The healthy competition that online retailers and consignment retail brings to consumers helps with your bottom line, if you're willing to spend a little time doing due diligence. In fact, the savings can be quite shocking, especially when you shop during off-peak seasons.


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