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5 Tips To Help You Stick to Your Holiday Spending Budget

Sticking to a budget during your holiday shopping can be a nightmare, but it is doable. The trick to it is to have a bit of foresight, and planning. If you're just buying whatever, whenever, then of course you're going to over spend. Now, let's go over some tips for sticking to your holiday spending budget that will help you to not only not overspend, but to also manage your purchasing habits more wisely going forward.

1. Shop at Different Locations
Having a budget is great, but getting on Amazon or some other store and thinking that you're going to knock out all your shopping all at once can very easily lead to overspending. Prices can fluctuate, and some items may be more expensive than you'd expect if supplies are running low and the remainder are being price gouged. Be prepared to visit multiple stores, both online and off, to find the best deals, and prices for what you need.

2. Have a List and Stick to It
Impulse buying is a huge no-no when it comes to holiday shopping. Make a list of gifts just like Santa Clause, and don't deviate from it. If what you need isn't at one store, look elsewhere. And if for some reason you do have to make a change, make sure the change is cheaper than the original item.

3. Take Advantage of Sales
Sales like Black Friday, and Cyber Monday can be a great way to save tons of money during your holiday shopping. However, don't forget that these aren't the only sales during this time of the year. Always be on the lookout for sales so that you can save money. Just don't factor these sales into your budget, since sales can come and go unpredictably, and items on sale can sell out super fast.

4. It's The Thought That Counts
In the US everyone wants to buy the biggest, best, most amazing gifts for their loved ones possible. It's almost expected. But the reality of the situation is that most recipients don't care how much you spent on the gift, just the fact that you put some thought into it is what counts. Show your loved ones that you care enough about them to make a thoughtful purchase, and don't just buy them something expensive to make a statement or show off your wealth.

5. Over Budget
This is a big one, and is great advice for any budget. Always allow for more in your budget than you probably will need. This makes it so that you can easily deal with any surprises that may cause you to have to spend more than you would originally expect. Yeah, money may be tight, but always give yourself a little wiggle room with your budget. If you have money leftover, you can treat your friends and family to a nice dinner, or tuck it away in your savings account.

Shop Smart And Save Money
The success of a budget is directly linked to how closely a person follows that budget. To some, a budget doesn't mean a thing and they ignore it as soon as possible. Don't be that person, make a budget, and stick to it. Your friends, family, and your bank account will thank you.


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