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Sticking to a budget during your holiday shopping can be a nightmare, but it is doable. The trick to it is to have a bit of foresight, and planning. If you're just buying whatever, whenever, then of course you're going to over spend. Now, let's go over some tips for sticking to your holiday spending budget that will help you to not only not overspend, but to also manage your purchasing habits more wisely going forward.

The holidays can put an emotional and financial strain on families, and American consumers know all too well, how just a bit of overspending can have consequences long after that holiday spirit has worn away. With that in mind, here are a few ways to reduce your holiday spending before, during, and after the holiday season.

With various ways to store your money, choosing the right account for your emergency savings, baby fund, or college fund can be a challenging task. Two popular accounts are the standard savings account and money market account. To help clarify some distinctions between the accounts, we have broken down what’s different and what’s similar between the two.