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True Interest Rate

Interest rates are always in flux; in fact, they change every 60 seconds. So, there is no real way to predict their path from one month to the next. Trying to catch the perfect rate should never deter you from owning your dream home. In fact, agents will often say, “Marry the house, date the rate.” This basically means don’t let interest rates deter you because you can always refinance. We have an inventory problem.

There is always a possibility that we could see another dip, and there could be a refi opportunity in that. If you find that perfect house, don’t wait to get it. Even if the rate isn’t what you’d hoped, there are always opportunities to modify or refinance. It’s a lot easier than people expect.

Don't Wait

In this market, the perfect home is harder to come by. If you find it, there’s no reason to ...

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