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Tiffany (TK) Kiminski, Vice President, Deposit Operations Manager
Tiffany (TK) Kiminski, Vice President, Deposit Operations Manager

First Reliance Bank announces that Tiffany (TK) Kiminski has been promoted to Vice President, Deposit Operations Manager.  As a 2019 graduate of the SC Bankers School, TK manages Deposit Operations for the bank.  Deposit Operations is responsible for numerous operations, including account adjustments, disputes, account reviews, sweeps, escheatment, wires, and much more.  She has led various team assignments to implement new systems that affect the bank’s deposit accounts as well as participating in many others.

Rick Saunders, Chief Executive Officer of First Reliance Bank, shared, “Tiffany is a dependable employee with excellent values that encompass community mindednesses and business leadership. She lives the bank's values of being a committed, caring leader.”

John Lindley, Senior Vice President and Director of Operations, said, “Tiffany’s leadership across all markets furthers our bank’s growth. As a recipient of the First Reliance Culture Coin in 2022, she fully embraces the bank’s core values delivering on ...

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