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As the new school year inches closer, just about every store is offering back-to-school deals for kids clothes, backpacks and school supplies. Nearly all the promotions are aimed at filling kids' needs. But what about the Moms? Focus on Moms and it could mean big sales. Once the kids are in school, Moms have more time to focus again on personal and home improvement. Here are five clever suggestions about how your small business could attract more Moms now that the kids are in school. [caption id="attachment_4829" align="alignnone" width="640"] Starfire Restaurant is a popular lunch spot for moms. Shown here (from left to right) are Sherri Elder, Jennifer King, Mary Neale Fowler and Heather Andrews.[/caption]

Join in the “Race For The Gold Olympics Scavenger Hunt” and you could win a great prize. One lucky winner will even receive the grand prize – an Apple iPad. It's easy to play. Visit each of our participating businesses or get a friend to become one of our Facebook friends. You'll be collecting gold and/or blue chips which will be entered into drawings for prizes. Discover which businesses are participating in your area through the clues we are providing. They are different for each area. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="180"] Grand Prize - Apple iPad![/caption]

The scavenger hunt will end on August 24, 2012. To learn how the gold and blue chips help you earn prizes and to get the clues to your area, just click below:
Let the games begin!

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