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Fraud Warning Signs

Truth be told, today, there are many people out to scam you. Check fraud has spiked in the U.S., with thieves stealing money and selling bogus checks on the darknet. Mail-related check fraud is rising, as criminals can easily get their hands on your checks. As terrible as this is, knowing the warning signs can be a very good thing. Help begins at home.

  1. Unexpected charges.

If you do not check your accounts carefully, while this may be obvious, someone could buy something unexpected with your money. First Reliance customers whose accounts are enrolled in online banking or the bank’s mobile app simply need to turn on the alert settings to know when purchases are made.

  1. Checks that are significantly out of order on your bank statement.

When checking your monthly bank statement, you may not have written that check if you notice an oddball check number.

  1. Bills and statements ...

Five Financial Wellness Goal Ideas

With January in the rear window, it isn’t too late to look at your finances and set goals for 2023. There's no better time to take stock of your financial situation than now. So, how do you start? Here are five goals that may help.

  1. Get a financial check-up. This step is essential so you know where you stand. Add up your assets and subtract your liabilities. The result will show whether you're in the green (positive) or red (negative). Knowing the answer can help you plan your next year’s savings and spending.
  2. Create a spending plan. Itemize your monthly expenses and include your essential and non-essential items. Determine if you want to make it a priority to save money or eliminate debt.
  3. Conduct monthly financial meetings. Like you would as an employee, having monthly meetings with family members makes sense, especially regarding finances. If you have ...

Kevin Jones, Vice President, and Residential Lending Specialist
Kevin Jones, Vice President, and Residential Lending Specialist

Kevin Jones has joined First Reliance Bank as Vice President and Residential Lending Specialist and will be in the Greenville, SC, East Washington Street Branch. He will assist customers with their mortgage financing needs and identify the best bank products to meet their needs.

Rick Saunders, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, said, “Kevin is a top loan producer, and we’re thrilled to welcome him to our residential lending team. His extensive career in the mortgage lending industry will be invaluable to our clients and homebuyers across the state.”

Kevin commented, “I’m very excited to join the First Reliance Bank team and bring the strength of a regional bank to the residential mortgage market in Greenville. Greenville is an emerging market. Although I’ve lived in many places, Greenville has been home for the longest.  It is such a fun and dynamic community to live and work in. It is consistently growing, ...

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