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Rick Redden, First Reliance Bank Board Member
Rick Redden, First Reliance Bank Board Member

March 29, 2023 - Florence, S.C. — Rick Redden has been named to the First Reliance Bank Board of Directors. Rick has extensive experience working with banks, public and private companies, non-profits, and higher educational institutions to establish or enhance strategic plans, navigate industry change, and accelerate execution. He has assisted clients with acquisitions, major investments, capital structure decisions, and succession strategies.

Rick Saunders, Chief Executive Officer of First Reliance Bank, shared, “When searching for a board member, I always look for talented professionals with similar values about life, leadership, and business success. I am fortunate to have known Rick for quite some time, and he certainly meets every standard to be found in a successful bank board member. I look forward to working closely with Rick as we pursue “changing lives” across the Carolinas.”

Prior to consulting, Rick served as Commercial Executive, State President, Division Chief Risk Officer, and ...

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