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First Reliance Bank Introduces Our NEW Digital Customer Service


It starts with FReDA, our digital assistant, who can answer your questions 24/7. Then, it continues with our online customer care specialists, who can chat during banking hours. They can upgrade from text chat to voice chat or video chat, screen share, and co-browse.

Have you noticed the new “Let’s talk!” chat bubble on our website or online banking? Or, have you seen the ”Live Help” chat bubble while reviewing your account in our mobile app?

First Reliance Bank is excited to announce our new Digital Customer Service. Our online and mobile support is easy to navigate, ask questions of, and get answers quickly. We are pleased to introduce “FReDA,” our brand-new digital assistant. So, click “Let’s talk!” and select "Chat," and FReDA can assist you whenever you have questions. If you need additional help, FReDA can connect you with a customer care specialist*. Once connected to a specialist, ...

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