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On the BETTER side of life
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Summer’s almost here. Are you looking forward to vacation? With the kids out of school and no homework duties, it’s time to trade in long pants and slacks for sandals and shorts. Planning to hit the road for some much needed stress relief and fun? Thinking of packing up the car and heading to the beach, the lake, mountains? Is it time to visit a favorite relative? For most Moms, vacation planning includes taking a hard look at the family budget and working a little magic on the family checkbook. Fuel is often one of the biggest expenses in a vacation budget. Is your car a gas-guzzler? Maybe it’s time to consider a more fuel efficient car, van or SUV. But selecting a vehicle that works for you and fits into your budget can be a challenge.

 Here are some facts that can help you make a smarter car choice: ...




Welcome to The Better Side of Life, a new way for us to share stories, ideas and articles designed to help make the lives of our customer better.

As you hopefully already know and appreciate, First Reliance Bank is serious about delivering a better experience in every interaction that we have with our customers. We care about what matters most to you and we’re interested in demonstrating that to you in every way we can.

We’ll be publishing a steady stream of content on The Better Side of Life, covering all kinds of different topics. Naturally, we’ll be sharing financial tips to help you manage your money and your banking in the smartest possible way. But we’ll also be digging into special points of interest in the communities that we serve, including ways to recognize and celebrate some of the people who contribute so much to those around them, like ...