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Thanksgiving is a time that many of us step back and reflect on the blessings in our lives.

At First Reliance Bank, we like to take this special time of year to tell you, our customers, how thankful we are that you put your trust in us. We never forget that you could choose any bank in your area, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

First Reliance Bank Thanksgiving

You've set a pretty high bar for us by giving us a 95% Customer Satisfaction score. We want you to know that we try our best to live up to that high standard every day.

Our team members enjoy thinking of ways to surprise you with special gifts and food each month. It's nice to be able to get to know you and call you by your first name — it makes us feel more connected to you.

We especially look forward to ...

social security retirementUnderstanding your Social Security benefits is essential to preparing for retirement. For people with average incomes planning to maintain 80 – 100% of what they earn following retirement, you can anticipate Social Security to provide 40% of your income in addition to your savings and employer-sponsored retirement plans. With just under half of your retirement wages dependent on Social Security, it is easy to see how important is to choose the right benefit strategy to meet your needs.

How is Social Security Determined?

The money you earned while working is what determines your Social Security benefit in retirement. Benefits are calculated based on a percentage of your income; the higher your income while employed, the lower the percentage of benefits you receive in retirement.

People receive benefit statements from the Social Security Administration every 5 years beginning at age 25 through age 60; statements are mailed annually to recipients 60 ...

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